This ranking is based on a voting panel across the US, and is based on games played up to 18 Nov 2018.

1San Francisco CalHeat (2)5-0-0
2NYAC (1)8-0-1
3Chicago Inter9-0-3
4Team Handball Academy8-0-4
5NYC (4)0-0-0
6Army WPB7-1-5
8Carolina Blue4-0-1
9Houston Firehawks2-0-3
10UVA Alumni4-0-1
11DC Diplomats1-0-2
12Georgia HC5-0-1
13HC Toronto2-0-3
15Long Island Tigers5-0-6
16James Madison2-0-1
17Army WPG0-0-6
19Boston 22-0-0
20Columbus Armada-Pinta5-0-3
21Ohio State-Scarlet5-0-2
22Los Angeles THC0-0-0
23Alberta Jrs3-0-3
25Knight Air0-0-0

Others receiving votes: USAFA, West Virginia, NYC2, Blue Heat, San Francisco CalHeat II, Ohio State-Gray, Columbus Armada-Nina, UVA-B, Penn State, Cincinnati, Concordia Cobbers, Seattle, Texas A&M, NYC3, Tar Heels, DC Ambassadors, Vancouver

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