Last updated 20 December 2019 for matches played up to 8 December 2019.

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1NYC (5)200
2Chicago Inter (2)211
3Boston (1)301
4DC Diplomats200
5 (T)San Francisco CalHeat211
5 (T)Army WPB302
Other team receiving votes: Rogue Women
1Boston Women (6)8012
2Chicago Inter Women (1)211-
3NYC Women301-2
4San Francisco CalHeat Women6111
5Army WPB Women702-
Other team receiving votes: DC Diplomats Women
1Boston Women (3)902-
2NYC Women (3)501+1
3Alberta Women (1)602NEW
4San Francisco CalHeat Women813-
5Chicago Inter Women413-3
Others receiving votes: Army WPB Women, Rogue Women
1(T)NYC Women (4)501+1
1(T)Boston Women (4)1102-
3Alberta Women602-
4San Francisco CalHeat Women813-
5Army WPB Women1103NEW
Other receiving votes: Chicago Inter Women