Since its inception in 2008, the Northeast Team Handball League (NTHL) has expanded its operations from four (4) to twenty teams in the US Northeast Region. The league’s goals have been simple: Provide regular, fair competition for its member organizations and provide a clear path towards Elite qualification for USATH’s National Championship events.

Founded through an initiative spearheaded by USA Team Handball’s East Regional Director, Dominique Dumont, the NTHL started as a idea to have regular events in the Northeast region. Since its inception, the NTHL has grown to create additional goals for itself and its member organizations. The NTHL is charged with providing a healthy quantity of competitive handball over time, while helping to evolve the systems and structures used in handball across the country.

As an organization, the NTHL wants to facilitate the development and retention of clubs in its region, and to provide assistance to nascent or struggling organization wherever applicable.

In the past few years, teams in the Northeast Region have dominated USATH College Nationals and Nationals. Since the league’s inception, the United States Military Academy (West Point, NY) has dominated the College National Championships on both the men’s and women’s end. A list of Elite Division USATH National Champions since 2008 paints a picture of Northeast handball prowess well:

  • Elgin 2009 – New York City THC (NYAC semi-finalist)
  • Las Vegas 2010 – LA THC (Boston runner-up, NYC semi-finalist)
  • Salt Lake City 2011 – New York City THC (Boston and WPB semi-finalists)
  • Minneapolis 2012 – New York City THC (Boston semi-finalist)
  • Reno 2013 – New York Athletic Club (NYC runner-up)
  • Reno 2014 – New York Athletic Club (WPB semi-finalist, NYC won Canadian National Championship)
  • York 2015 – New York City THC (Boston runner-up, NYAC and DCD semi-finalists)
  • York 2016 – New York Athletic Club (NYC runner-up, Boston semi-finalist)
  • Myrtle Beach 2017 – New York City THC (NYAC and Boston semi-finalists)
  • Myrtle Beach 2018 – New York City THC (NYAC and Boston semi-finalists)
  • Myrtle Beach 2019 – San Francisco CalHeat (NYC runner-up, NYAC semi-finalist)
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