Jan O’Shea Retires from Handball

After 35 years of service to the US Team Handball Community, Jan O’Shea has formally retired from the sport as of 1 May 2021. Jan has served in multiple roles for USTHF, USATH, and the larger handball community over the years, including the Team Manager of the 1995 Pan-American Games Women’s National Team and the 1996 Olympics Women’s National Team.

Jan has been with the NTHL from its inception, installed as the league’s first Commissioner by Dominique Dumont, and has been a tireless leader and planner for the league and its member teams. As Commissioner, she has been responsible for organizing the league financial and operational functions and providing a sustainable financial outlook for the organization. Her dedication to the sport and the league has allowed the NTHL to survive longer than any other US-based handball league in history.

Thank you Jan for everything you’ve done for the league and the entire handball community!

Jan will be the recipient of the Cavy Award at Handball Heroes II, an event by American Handball Associates being held on 5 June at the Swim and Sport Club of Flanders, NJ. For more information — including event live stream information — please contact  Mark Wright at mark@sangamonhouse,com or (408) 666-3011.

Read more at: https://go.teamusa.org/2TiN1yJ