NYAC Keeps Their Reign on the #1 Spot in January’s Rankings

(Boston Team Handball and the other teams are coming after NYAC and the #1 spot)

Another month, and another Top 25 is out!

Three NTHL wins from NYC (6-0) were not enough to surpass our #1 team New York Athletic Club (5-0) in this month’s rankings. Chicago Inter (16-1-1), Revol (3-2), and San Francisco CalHeat (6-4) hold on the the top 5 spots.

With their first games played, the voters felt they had a good gauge on Houston Firehawks (3-1-1), moving them up 8 places to the #6 spot in January. The voters also felt they undervalued Canadian sides Alberta Jrs (2-3) and Ontario (2-3) for their games played in the US, as they moved from outside the Top 25 into the 11th and 12th position respectively.

What will next month’s Top 25 look like? With Cal Cup games taking place at the end of the month, we might see some big moves being made!