The USATH Competition Committee has decreed that the Elite Division at the 2020 USATH National Championships will have eight (8) teams.

This page shows the official standings in the Race for the Eight for 2019/20.

San Francisco CalHeat has automatically qualified as defending National Champion.

Automatic slots are awarded to the two highest-placed teams in the NTHL, as well as the Midwest Team Handball League (MTHL) Champion.

New York City has qualified as NE1 as NTHL Champions.

In the event of a tie for a wild-card position, ties will break using the following guidelines:

1. Head-to-head results during Wild Card qualifiers.
2. The best record (Win–Draw–Loss) against other teams that have qualified for the ELITE division. Records will be assessed using a points system (Win = 2 points – Draw = 1 point – Loss = 0 points).
3. A playoff game to be played on the first day of the Open Club Championships.

Updated 6 MAR 2020